Saturday, 28 July 2012

O Canada! O Canada! Goodbye Canada:(

I am going to miss so much all the fabulous friends we've made here, this is the place I became a Mom and I'm so proud to have my two lil Canadian boys!

This is the friendliest place I have ever travelled to. Where people are so open, inviting and polite.
Here in Canada when you get in an elevator (lift) with a stranger and neither of you can think of anything to say, you actually suffer through an awkward silence.
People here are welcoming and non-judgemental, willing to get to know you first before trying to sum you up.

It can be -20C outside and you've found your car stuck in knee deep snow, you can depend on people to just appear to help shovel you out and push your car back onto the road.
The friends I made here became my family. Aunties to my little boys, My best friends. Teachers to my family.

I'm going to miss the endless family activities and festivals, the historical feel of walking through the old port, the distinct 4 seasons, the vibe on the Plateau, the food and my accent.

For your friendly culture, vibrant spirit, for welcoming us wholeheartedly and for skor candy bars, thanks for everything Canada!

p.s. We'll be back ;)


  1. You will be missed more :( Now score on the Skor bars :) Remind me to bring some when I finally make it to NZ. I love you lots and lots Renee and family.

  2. Hey Renee, just came to your blog looking for a status update from you guys.

    It's cool that you not only accept the Indie change, but seem to embrace it. Keep posting!

  3. Thanks! Yes, I will keep posting I'm actually really enjoying this whole blogging thing ;)