Wednesday, 11 July 2012

25 Boxes

Going indie, for our family means living smaller.

Shrinking our family's possessions down to a minimum so we are altogether lighter and can move easier.

The boys bravely watched most of their toys wander off to find new homes.

I finally let go of all those cute baby clothes the boys have long since grown out of.

Furniture, clothing, pre-loved soft toys, appliances, all our versatile solutions to modern living, all the Ikea, it all had to go.

Till we were left with 25 boxes to ship to New Zealand, 2 suitcases and 1 backpack.

25 boxes is still too much, if it were to be all lost at sea, I wonder how much of it would be remembered and missed?

25 boxes on the left, ready for curbside pickup. 3 boxes on the right, "free stuff".

This process though difficult at times has been oddly freeing...

What's really important? What's irreplaceable? What can you not do without?

Here we are in Montreal.

Both our sons are born Canadian. Very soon we will leave Canada to return home to New Zealand. For Chris and I, our travels began long before our boys were born. Having both been bitten by the travel bug, our dream is to live and work from anywhere at anytime. Going Indie means taking a risk, it means going after a dream, and it means freedom. Freedom to live wherever we want and to work wherever we want.

When I'm old and grey, I want my life's story to be a great adventure. This blog is the next chapter in my story.


  1. You Guys are so brave! Sounds very exciting and i cant even imagine packing up my whole life and moving out of Auckland let alone to the other side of the world!! Cant wait to see you when your home :)

  2. Thank you! Can't wait to see you guys too! xo

  3. Life is an adventure and it's up to you how you live it. So happy trails,the best of luck and will follow you on your blog.

  4. What a lovely idea! Counting down the days till we get to have sum snugs from ur beautiful whanau again babe xoxo

  5. There is a saying that goes, "Happiness is a choice, that requires effort at times."
    You guys should have a lot of happiness coming your way. xox

  6. Thanks for the encouragement everyone, we're very fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family supporting us on our adventure!

  7. We moved to canada with a total of two suitcases, giving away or selling alot of our stuff. Have to agree it is somewhat liberating to unload the stuff you really dont need!

  8. @Dion, yes it is liberating! The scary thing is we've already been through this process twice before - we reduced our possessions down to two suitcases when we moved to the UK and managed to re-acquire all that "stuff" in just the past 7 years lol! How to keep ourselves light and able to move freely is the question?

  9. Loving your blog Renee. I so excited for your guys to return to New Zeland. Will miss you, but it just means I'll have to visit you in NZ :). Love you lots and lots!

  10. Aww Celest I already miss you! I'd so love you to visit us in NZ!