Thursday, 12 July 2012

Home on the Plateau

So now we're free of all the excess stuff!
But as my three year old put it, in response to me giving away our plates and cutlery "what are we going to eat off?"

Very good question, where are we going to sleep, eat and play?

Welcome to our "temporary borrowed home" on the Plateau in Montreal!

I placed an ad in our local "wanted" pages.... something like "Tidy N/S Professional couple with two young adorable children, seek 1 month Sublet for July" and as luck would have it, the universe (internets) connected us with another family looking to go away for the summer and rent out their home while they were gone.

Fabulous! So now we get to experience (in my opinion) one of the nicest areas of Montreal and live here in a fully furnished home for the last month before we move home to New Zealand.


  1. LOVE IT! So happy you guys found this place. Wish I could have stayed there with you :)

  2. We're loving it here so much, it'll be bitter-sweet to leave ;)