Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Single Serving Home

So we're officially homeless!

We're in a world of temporary in-between homes with no idea where we'll end up living.

Not counting airports and airplanes, a non-descript hotel room in the American Southwest is our newest temporary home.

I recently watched a great documentary, "Tiny Homes." It's about people who choose to live in 1000 square feet homes. Living in well organised small spaces. For a while now I've been thinking about "life editing", quality-over-quantity. The stress of getting rid of so much excess stuff when we left Canada has made me conscious of all the things I will choose to bring into my next home.

What do I really need in a home? Somewhere to sleep, a bathroom, somewhere to make food, relax and play.

Of course its notable to me that accommodating two kids and an Indie Game developer husband who needs an office space/man-cave, may make living small a bit more difficult. 

Still, living in this hotel room of just two separate spaces, one room for eating/sleeping/relaxing/playing and just one other small bathroom has been... uncomplicated...

                                                                   ...and it does have its perks!

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