Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Scooter Boy launches to New Zealand

Here we are in September '13 and it's time to introduce "Scooter Boy" to New Zealand!


Our launch was well timed to fit in with the Digital Nationz expo, and I had a wonderful time at the two day event.

In truth, I was a bit nervous to try "selling" Scooter Boy for the first time. It turns out I had nothing to worry about. Everyone at the expo was so friendly and it was great to be around so many people who just love playing games!

I have never been much of a sales person but because I know Scooter Boy is such an awesome game and it can appeal to so many different people I didn't have any trouble at all approaching people to try our game and my confidence kept increasing as it was so well received. Also it's free and that helps! lol

Highlights for me include, our first player, a sweet little boy, who came back to the Scooter Boy booth after having been our first official NZ player and said out of all the games at the expo he liked ours the best!

And watching Chris answer this question from a Mother who was impressed with how much her kids loved Scooter Boy..
  Mother:  "Wow, what an amazing game, it's so great for kids, what else have you worked on?"
  Chris's awkward reply, "Actually ummm, 'Watch Dogs' was the last game I worked on, its in the Ubisoft booth behind ours, behind the black curtains in the R18 section."

Another highlight was finding Chris's first game "Super Skidmarks" in the History of Video Games Museum.


This makes Chris officially old!

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