Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The home in the Country Side

Looking for a home sweet home, we wanted to live close to family, we wanted somewhere typically New Zealand...  Would we be lucky enough to live close to the ocean? Somewhere with a view?

And then we found our home in the Country Side!

Going indie means working from anywhere, working from home means we don't have to live in the bustling city. So we're trying out the country life!

And living in the country can be much cheaper than living in the big city ;)

We only have one neighbor nearby and they're actually our close family!

 Our apartment in Montreal had a tiny courtyard and now our backyard is measured in acres!


The kids love it here  The kids get to help take care of our neighbor's animals, chickens, sheep, horses. A first for them as our pets have been limited to goldfish til now.

 The home office is a short commute upstairs and its quiet (mostly) with a view. (How we managed to get internet all the way out here is a whole other blog post )

 Its a big change and a wonderful adventure!


  1. Congrats, she's a beaut! Internet was going to be my first question :) We're about 30 minutes into the mountains from the nearest towns, and internet drops/brownouts are probably our biggest complaint.

    1. Thanks! Internet here is a whole 'nother mission. After a fair bit of configuration it's reliable enough, but the ping time and bandwidth (and caps!) make it a constant battle.

      Actually, that's a great idea for a blog post :D

  2. LOVE IT!!!! It is awesome! When you are hiring, please let us know! :) hugs to all! we miss you guys!